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Our content writing services help in the overall digital growth of the brand.

We understand that having a strong digital presence can help any business to grow tremendously and earn a loyal customer base. It would help to outsource content writers.

Blog Articles

Our experienced writers offer edge to your digital marketing campaign by creating informative articles for your online promotion campaigns.

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Product Reviews

Whether you sell it on Amazon, your own store or elsewhere, a great product needs to be accompanied with motivating product descriptions, detailing and reviews.

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Website Content Writing

We turn your landing pages into your USP with content that impresses, inspires and converts and gives you better ROI.

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Guest Blog Writing

We stamp your knowledge, expertise and authority on third-party platforms with our guest blogs.

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Design & Development

We offer you with impressive, scalable and mobile-responsive web design and development

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Creative Copywriting

Hire us to create captivating ad copies that strikes the right chord with your target audience

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Client Testimonials

Canprint is very happy with the work carried out by Content Freelancing Team and find that they are very reliable. They create interesting topics for our weekly blogs, all I can say is that we thoroughly recommend Kalpana to anyone who is looking for any type of content work and look forward to a long a prosperous relationship for all concerned.

Clive J.

Content Freelancing Team wrote over 250+ webpage content for me, and I must say that we are very happy with the outcome. We will use them again in the future whenever we need any new content. Highly recommended.

Attorney Sean L from Pittsburgh.

I am very impressed with the quality of your content. I was actually trying to read your work over & over again at different times of the day. You were right on target at the first go.

S Hussain.

I started working with Kalpana many months ago, and I was never disappointed. Besides the fact the prices are excellent, I had received the best products. Kalpana is not only very smart and understood my products but she is researching everything before writing. I had writers many times but this writer is truly the best. All I can say is that if you work with Kaplana you sure hit the jackpot. Thank you so much for allowing me to use your work.


I used Kalpana for some of my projects and I have only words of praise. I think that this writer is one of the best in industry and what is truly amazing is the fact that all the articles are excellently written, not once she had sent me an article that was just put together for the sake of taking my money. Excellent work and words can not describe my satisfaction in working with this writer.

James Polk

Choosing us will be a smart decision

  • Save time
    You get the fullest efficiency just as your in-house team and faster results as an added bonus by working with
  • Less investment
    Cost-cutting is easy in India when you don’t have to train new recruitments in your company after hiring our experts in content writing services.
  • Speed and quality
    Get round the clock service and speedy delivery with the top content writing company in India.
  • Minimize risk
    Even if you can’t stay active on holidays, our content writing agency will be there to finish assignments on time.

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42 writing services

We provide 42 brilliant content writing services across all niches as the best content writing agency in India.

Keyword research

Among the top content writing services, our effective keyword research helps to boost your SERPs ranking.

Free revisions & re-writing

If we fail to impress, we offer free re-writing by another writer as per the package.

Sample Portfolio

Get a taste of our brilliance with free content samples and exceptional content artwork in India.

Editorial examining

Well-researched and 100% original content. Content which is meticulously examined by our editors.

We leave deadlines behind

With rich content (up to 2000 words), delivered within 36 hours, we are one of the best content writing agencies

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a set of most frequently asked queries by our clients.

  • 1. How will my business benefit from hiring a content writing agency?

    It is better to get content curated from the best content writing agency as they provide professional content writing services and cater to your content requirements. Some of the reasons to choose Content writing companies in India are:

    Save time and efforts: By hiring a content writing agency, one can save a lot of time and effort which will be required to train the in-house writers.

    Minimal investment: Get content writing services for nominal charges and save the cost, which is required to train new employees.

    Get content anytime: Content writing agencies work all-year-round, so don’t worry about holidays.

    Quality of work: Content writing agencies have professional writers who have expertise in various domains.

  • 2. Why do companies prefer content writing companies over in-house writers?

    Companies feel that content writing agencies provide professional services compared to in-house writers. An in-house team demands comparatively more money and effort. Whereas, with content writing agencies, the client needs to pay depending on the number of words. Also, compared to in-house writers, content writing agencies can curate any type of content on almost any niche. Be it website content, articles, copywriting, blogs, or any other, content writing companies have writers who have experience and expertise in writing for that particular subject.

  • 3. What kind of content writing services does Content-Whale offer?

    Content-Whale works on four main verticals, which include Articles and Blogs, Website content, Technical content, and Copywriting. Apart from these four verticals, the company provides more than 42 different types of content writing services. Check out our services page to know more.

  • 4. What is the pricing of services offered by Content-Whale?

    Our basic price starts at INR 1 per word. But depending on the type of services and number of words, the price slightly varies. Please check out our pricing page to get a clear idea. Also, feel free to reach out to us for any queries.

    Email ID: kalpana@dcwebprojects.com

    Skype: kalpana.projects

  • 5. Why is Content-Whale ranked as one of the best content writing companies in India?

    There are many content writing companies in India. Content-Whale is one of the top content writing agencies because of the professionalism and quality of work. Our team of writers and editors ensure that every content is of good quality and error-free. We are considered one of the best content writing companies as we provide a wide range of content writing services at an affordable price.

  • 6. Will Content-Whale help with my SEO and social media marketing?

    Content-Whale provides good quality blogs and articles which have suitable keywords distributed naturally throughout the content. We ensure that the format of articles and blogs are perfect according to the SEO standard.

    We also provide copywriting services, which boosts brand awareness on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and engages customers. Our content writing agency ensures that the clients receive quality content, which will help them create a strong online presence.

  • 7. Do you take bulk content orders?

    We take bulk orders. On average, we curate around 40,000 words per day. Any order above 20,000 words will be considered as a bulk order. We offer a special discount on bulk orders. Feel free to contact us for any queries.

    Email ID: kalpana@dcwebprojects.com

    Skype: kalpana.projects

  • 8. Do you work entirely with freelancers?

    We have a team of experienced in-house writers who produce website content, articles, and blogs. We also have a team of freelancers who have experience and expertise in writing technical content, PR content, and subject matter content. Every work is edited and proof-read by a team of editors to make it perfect.

  • 9. Can you share any sample content on my niche?

    Our content writing agency has worked on almost every niche. We have uploaded the sample works on all the niches. Feel free to read our portfolio section to check out our quality of work.

  • 10. How much time does it take to deliver content?

    The turn-around time depends on the number of words. For 4000 or less than 4000 words, the content would be delivered within 36 hours. For more than 4000 words, the turn-around time is 48 hours. We are one of the best content writing companies in India, providing quick and quality services.

  • 11. As a client, how can I be assured about the quality of content?

    We have an editorial team that checks every content piece and makes it perfect. We also attach premium Grammarly and plagiarism reports at the end of each content so the client can check and be assured of the quality. Content-Whale is considered one of the best content writing companies in India because of the quality of services and professionalism. We have tied up with some big brands and top digital marketing agencies and cater to clients across the globe.

  • 12. What is the revision policy of the company?

    We ensure that all the client requirements are satisfied. If a client faces any issue with the content and wishes to get it modified, we have a simple revision policy. We offer one free revision. After receiving the work, clients can ask for a revision within 15 days of the submission.

  • 13. What are the types of content writing offered by Content-Whale?

    We offer 42 types of content writing services, including blog writing, copywriting, SOP writing, product comparisons, product reviews, FAQs, etc. Read more about our services here.

  • 14. Which industries does Content-Whale cater to?

    We curate content for a wide range of industries including education, healthcare, automotive, marketing, travel, agriculture, etc. Find information about the other industries we cater to here.

  • 15. How do you charge?

    We value your money, and hence we offer the best services at the most affordable prices. You can get an estimated amount by entering your details in the Price Estimator available on our homepage!

  • 16. What is the turnaround time for a project?

    We aim to deliver high-quality services at the quickest. The turnaround time depends on various factors like the word count and type of content. We can curate quality content of 10,000 words within 48 hours.