Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a set of most frequently asked queries by our clients.

  • Why do I need a content writing agency?

    When you hire a content writing agency for your business or personal work, it becomes a ‘well-done’ task. The agency will provide custom services so that each task gets completed efficiently. If you are a business owner in the requirement for writing services, time is key. With an agency, you can save a lot of time and receive high-quality writeups. Usually, in-house recruits have to get trained exclusively before assigning any content. But with an agency, a team of experienced writers works for your business growth.

  • Why is content writing agencies better than in-house writers?

    The reason why content writing agencies are better and preferable is because they consume less time and money. In-house writers have to get trained for a long time before any task can get assigned for them. Plus, they will take a longer time to write any kind of content. Whereas with content writing agencies, professional writers handle the business smoothly. They take note of every deadline and complete the work before it. Also, the extra cost of training gets saved with experienced content writing agencies.

  • What type of writing services does provide?

    Our group of experienced content writers delivers high-quality Articles and Blogs, Website contents, social media post copies, creative contents and so much more. You can have a requirement for any niche and we will take care that the writeup is perfect! Other than these, we have an extensive 20 types of writing services available. Take a look at our Services Page to know more.

  • How much do I need to pay for's services?

    It completely depends on the kind of writing style, the niches, word count, etc.

    Our basic rate changes as per your requirement. Take a look at our

    pricing page to understand the exact figure. We offer discounted price on bulk projects. So, feel free to reach us at Email ID: for any kind of query.

  • Why is is the No.1 content writing company in India?

    Because of our quality, speedy delivery, and creative writing ideas, has become the best and most affordable content writing service provider in India. You do not have to worry about deadlines, niches, or categories of writing services. Our writers are experienced in all kinds of writing styles and produce zero error work. Your business will reach new heights, with us as your aid.

  • How will aid your SEO and online marketing?

    Our writers make sure that the essential keywords get distributed throughout the content. These keywords get researched extensively to suit the kind of writeup that you require. Our Articles and blogs are error-free and in the perfect format according to SEO standards.

    Our creative social media copies help to boost your business in all kinds of digital spaces like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. We know how to attract an audience and that’s how you get maximum social media presence.

  • Will take bulk writing orders?

    Absolutely! produces thousands of words per day. If you have an order of 15,000 words or above, it will get considered as a bulk order. We will produce quality and error-free work. In case any of our writeups fail to catch your fancy, we will assign another writer to make the changes at no cost! Do not worry. We provide a special discount on every bull order.

  • Does have freelancers onboard?

    Yes. We have a team of expert freelance writers and in-house writers who work with us. Our freelancers are efficient in producing any kind of articles, website blogs, technical blogs, PR’s, etc. All the write-ups go through a series of high-quality editing that results in error-free work.

  • Will share free samples according to my niche?

    We have worked in all kinds of niches. Our team of writers and editors is experienced in creating high-quality, creative, and error-free work. As per your requirement we can share the samples. You can go through our Portfolio section to understand the kind of work that we do.

  • How long will take to complete the task?

    We are the best content writing agencies in the country that produce error-free and quality content in less time. Our writers and editors take 16 hours to complete 4000 or less than 4000 words. If you want more than 5000 words to get written, we take about 20 hours. Please note – this time frame might change depending upon your requirement.