4 Top Tips to Craft a Great SEO Title

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A title is the first point of contact between the audiences and the search engine result pages. So, the title of the content is a major gateway to a high click-through rate for ranking higher on search engines. If you want to keep your audience hooked to your site, use catchy titles. Looking to find a balance between SEO-optimized content and equally attractive titles? At Content Freelancing, we have the best bunch of content writers with the skills for creating great SEO titles. Our team understands how the title tag is one of the most important factors that Google uses to pick the topics. Get a content writer for hire from our team of experts and get a well-written title effortlessly.

Here are 4 ways to craft search-engine-friendly SEO titles

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  1. Use a long-tail variation of the primary keyword
  2. Targeting one primary keyword in the title is essential but more important is creating a variation of that keyword. Want to know why? As it takes longer for the primary keyword to rank, using a long-tail variation of it is a practical approach. So, start looking for them right now. Hire our article writing service and get a grip on the techniques of crafting titles that rank relatively quickly.

  3. Width or length of the title?
  4. Width matters when creating SEO titles. There is a reason behind this logic and it’s simple. Google has its take and recommends a specific width for titles based on pixel count. While you can make the title tag long, it is necessary to keep in mind what is visible in the search engines. Google will eventually cut off those with greater width. However, you need not make it too short either. Our content writing services are one of the most reliable and commendable when you need writers to punch in catchiness in the titles while maintaining the length and width.

  5. Include emotional aspects
  6. Nothing can make your SEO title gain momentum more than emotional hooks in the title. So, make sure your title has what it takes to entice readers. The title is what the readers respond to even before reading the entire content, so it needs to have an interesting element.

  7. Capitalize appropriately
  8. How should you capitalize the words in the title? Doing it haphazardly makes the title erroneous. Look for the best capitalization practices based on the format of the content much like how our team of writers from the SEO article writing service do.

Consistency in crafting titles is what matters the most when you need blog articles to rank in the search engines. At Content Freelancing, we have the best writers who can come up with reader-friendly and SEO-friendly titles equally well. Email kalpana@contentfreelancing.com or visit https://contentfreelancing.com/contact/ to know more about our services.