Craft a Blog That Converts: A Guide to Blog Sales Funnels

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You have a great blog. Perhaps you get to teach the world about your spiritual journey or promote the products and services offered by your brand. You’ve managed to make your blog popular enough and it gets decent traffic every week. So, how do you convert them into paying customers? 

Blog monetizing isn’t easy unless you have the right sales funnel backing it up. When you have the right sales funnel, you can hire blog writers from Content Freelancing to write blogs that are perfectly aligned with your monetization strategy.

Let’s explore blog sales funnels:

1. Lead Magnet

The primary and arguably only goal of this blog sales funnel is to build your email list. This is how it works- 

  • You offer a valuable freebie like a cheat sheet, a guide, a checklist, or some other type of blog content that genuinely helps users. 
  • You hire blog content writing services to do this consistently, and build an audience, and establish trust. 
  • In return, you ask the readers to subscribe to your mailing list.
  • Eventually, the users keep getting these freebies along with blogs that also promote your or a relevant third-party’s products and services. 

For instance, if you want to kick start your fitness blog, make sure to offer free workouts, diet charts, and other such freebies. When you establish trust, you can also promote products like workout gear, dietary supplements, and more. 

2. Content Funnel

If you’re in for the long game, a typical content funnel may be the right fit for you. Get blog writers for hire so that you can cover all kinds of topics relevant to your blogging niche and solve problems for your target audience. While doing so, guide the readers to subtle CTAs (Call-To-Action) like paid content, affiliate products, consultations, etc. 

3. Tripwire Funnel 

As the name suggests, this kind of funnel is similar to a tripwire. You offer valuable digital content at an unbelievably discounted rate. The offer should be enticing enough to make the reader buy your product. This generates high-value leads who are very interested in whatever you have to offer. Later on, you get plenty of upselling opportunities to recover that cost. However, this funnel requires you to have deep pockets from the get-go. 
No matter which sales funnel you choose to monetize your blog, Content Freelancing offers article writing services at affordable rates. So, even investment-heavy funnels like tripwire funnels become a roaring success.

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