5 Useful Tips for an Effective Google Search

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In every phase of life today, Google has become an intrinsic part. Be it in studies, lifestyle, traveling, jobs, and pretty much everything else. Any and every information you need can be found on Google. However, searching for the right information can take a lot of time when bombarded with loads of it from all around the world. But Google has provided many ways in which you can make searching in Google much easier.

Here are some ways how:

Using Google Tabs.

Google allows you to search for your content based on its type. Once you type in your search content, you will find tabs on the top e.g. Web, Images, Videos, News, etc. This makes your search more effective.

If you are searching for news-related content, click the News option. If you are looking for images, click the Images option.

Tabs are the most common way of search. They bring down the search time considerably, helping you get the desired results.

Using a Hyphen to Exclude Words

At times, you may have to search for words that have more than one meanings e.g., cricket (sport and insect), bat (cricket equipment and mammal), etc. Hence, if you want to search for one of the two meanings, you can use the hyphen technique. This makes Google ignore other meanings.

For example:

This tells Google (or the search engine you are using) to search for the mammal and ignore any info related to the cricket equipment. It is very much useful when you are looking for something important and do not any other unrelated information.

Using Colon to search for content on a specific site

You may want to look up for specific content on a specific site. During such search times, follow the given syntax:

Black Mamba site: nationalgeographic.com

This gives you all the information about the black mamba snake but only from the national geographic website.

Use the Asterisk to denote missing words

This is a great way for those people who want to search for lyrics or lines in poems. Using an asterisk tells Google that it is a space to be filled by itself and do the search for all the words which fit in and exist as content on the internet. For instance:

The best * in life are *

Google will search for this knowing that the asterisks can be any word.

The above example will primarily bring up the song “The best things in life are free” by Luther Vandross.

Tracking Your Deliveries

Tracking your deliveries is also possible through Google. All you have to do is type in the DTDC, DHL, or FedEx tracking number in the search bar and Google will show you the tracking data about your package and where your package is.

This saves the time of going to a particular website, letting it load, going to the orders section and then typing in the tracking number.

Getting the right information is important but more important is to find it out in lesser time. Google search makes it easier with its various search techniques to get the information you need without taking much time or rather taking almost no time at all.

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