3 Tips on Writing Blog Posts That Rank Higher on Google

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Writers know well how long it takes to create a blog post. From picking a topic till the time of publishing a post, it demands long hours of your life. After all the hard work, isn’t it frustrating when you see that your work has received low traffic?  Since the world has started to work on digital platforms, blog post writing or any kind of writing that has to be put up on a digital platform needs to invite a lot of traffic. There is no way a business or website can impact consumers without views, likes, or shares. At times, some blog posts see a huge audience and some do not. How does this difference happen? How can you make sure that your website reaches more potential customers? 

Writing a great blog post isn’t easy but it is not rocket science either! Here are the tips you need to keep in mind to invite traffic through SEO content writing and blog writing services and rank your posts higher on Google.

Using Headings to Your Advantage

When you use headers in a blog post, it makes Google web crawlers understand the content that it encompasses. These crawlers can be thought of as readers who are going through your content. Nobody has the time to go through every word written, instead, they focus on the headers for reference. Your H1 will be the main topic while H2, H3, H4…etc. will act as your sub-topics.

Your subtopics must carry keywords so that the target audience can find your content on Google faster.

Enhance Your Content With Featured Snippets

Most people on Google are looking for direct answers to their queries, for example, “How can I”, “What are the”, “Should I..” etc. If you make your product description writing and other contents in adherence to the searches of the audience, your post will be indefinitely rank higher. Google will use your post as the featured snippet to show the best result to the target audience.

For instance, if the search term is, “How to write a blog post?”, you can put ” Best ways to write a blog post” as your H1 or H2.

Keywords Should be Included in Meta Description

If you are a writer who does not add keywords to Meta Description, it is high time for you to develop this practice. When there is an absence of keywords in Meta Descriptions, you are losing out on striking a chord with the target audience. Meta Descriptions are a way through which Google ranks your posts. If you use short and crisp lines, add keywords, and make it appealing, your posts will receive tons of views on Google. There are many ways that well-written content makes the website’s business a global presence. In today’s world, you need a writer who knows the intricacies of SEO writing which will bring in more audiences than few. Choose Content Freelancing to get the best SEO writers in the business. Avail our writing services from our website- https://contentfreelancing.com/  or email us at kalpana@contentfreelancing.com  for any queries.