Struggling With New Content Ideas? Here Are 6 Research Methods For Better Content.

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Contents ideas can be really tough to be brought out your mind sometimes. After all, not every day can be a good thoughtful one. But you cannot use this as an excuse. Coming up with new ideas is naturally useful as it will help you hold on to your audience’s attention. Better and more effective content tends to have a higher impact on your audience and this will make them prefer you over others. However, there are few techniques, if used properly you will be able to garner better content without breaking your head over it.

If you are being hired for SEO content writing services, then the following 6 methods will help you to assess your own content and come out with better ones in much less time than usual:

Blog Comments

A good way to come out with new content is to go through your customers’ comments on your blog. They contain a lot of suggestions, ideas, and concepts that you can easily use to write new and innovative content. It also gives you the opportunity of communicating with your audience. Questions asked by customers can be used at content titles. All you need to do is to tweak a few words in order to make it SEO friendly. The best thing about this content source is that it has got no end to it. As long as there are blogs, there will always be comments and with that new ideas and suggestions.

Competitor Websites

An effective way to know more about a new type of content is to look up the sites of your competitors. This, however, does not mean taking content form their website. Not at all. Knowing what they are up to and about their content can really help you structure your own content better than theirs. Moreover, going through the comments on their website by the general public can also help you in coming up with more creative ideas and help you to make better and effective content.

Google Search Suggestions

Opting for Google search is an easy way to find new content. Just type in the topic you want to work on and hit search. Google will give you numerous suggestions. Or, if you do not have any idea about what type of content you want, type in the titles of your previous contents. Google will provide you with various suggestions related to it, which will definitely help you work better as the main content is already worked upon.

Topic Generator Platforms

Opting for topic generation platforms to find new topics is also common nowadays. These platforms are basically tools where all you have to do is type in the keywords of the content you have on your mind and the tool will come up with a list of fundamental concepts related to it for you to work upon. ‘HubSpot blog ideas generator’ is one such tool.

YouTube Videos

Youtube can also be a great source of new content for you. Type in the content you want to work upon and you might just find what you are looking for. While watching a video, Youtube shows you a list of videos related to it and this can further enrich your search. Try reading the comments on the videos as you just might find new ideas there. Not to mention, going through the comments of your own videos (if you have them) also helps a lot in creating new content.

Use Data and Analytics

Use data from your industry to know more about what is going on around. This can be very helpful in writing content which your customers will prefer, the content being trendy. Have a research done on what all is happening in the industry and share new ideas according to your thoughts and suggestions.

Creative content does not come out of the mind; it is created by the mind. And all these suggestions will help you a lot more about creating better content. For any kinds of content writing requirement, email or visit here : to get in touch with us.