Key Tracking Tips to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Content Strategy

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Implementing a content marketing strategy is how most brands today establish their authority in the market. Ever wondered whether the content is valuable and relevant? How do you measure the effectiveness of the strategy? A recent survey found that about 66% of content marketers fail to demonstrate the impact of their marketing campaigns. About 45% of marketers agree that measuring the effect of content marketing is a top priority for them.

Tracking the performance of your content marketing strategy is a crucial aspect. Even the most seasoned marketers need to track and leverage the right strategies to match the business requirements. At Content Freelancing, one of the most reputed website content writing services, we have some of the most exceptional teams of writers who can write to empower your brand. But if you want to get realistic views of the content marketing efforts, you must have a clear goal and some measuring metrics or KPIs.

Valuable metrics to push ahead the work of the best website content writing services:

If you are sure that content marketing when used appropriately can turn your business up ahead, here are the metrics that help you determine the impact of hiring a website content writer:

Sources of traffic

You feel wonderfully good when more and more people are ready to soak in your content. However, it is only a tracking metric that will help you determine how those people found out about your business. To know the sources of traffic to your website or blog, use Google Analytics for the best outcome.

Know the impressions

How is your content performing online? Does the search engine recognize your content or find out that it is the best answer to the users’ queries? Google Search Console can help you gauge the number of impressions your content has received. Remember that more the impressions the better is your outreach.

Use SERP ranking

You can indeed hire a website content writer to produce relevant write-ups for your website. A majority of brands today stick to this strategy to reach the target audience. But what if your site misses the first few results? That way, a big chunk of the audience may be already missing your content. The search engine result page is going to show up for users searching for your business with a relevant keyword. So, you need to test it out yourself and find out whether your website is showing in the result pages or not. You must hire a professional content writer to create customer-centric content.

Shares and backlinks

You are creating good content but is it good enough for sharing? Get a content writer for hire from us to make it more useful for readers. Keep in mind the more times your content is shared higher the tendency for search engines to judge your content as the solution or answers that searchers may be looking for. While you can determine the social media shares easily, stock to tools like Ahrefs or BuzzSumo for blog content.

Hiring content writers is undeniably one of the first steps to ensure that your content sticks out well. At Content Freelancing, we have experienced, creative, and professional writers who make sure that your business reaches new heights. To fill up the contact form or email your queries to right away.