Top 5 Tips To Boost Linkedin Engagement

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If you have created a profile on LinkedIn, you have associated yourself with the most popular professional platform out there. Whether to expand the potentials of your personal networking or growing your business profile to venture out on other possibilities, LinkedIn is your go-to platform for best results. However, there are a ton of people out there who use this amazing platform the wrong way. We have put together a few tips for you to follow to boost engagement on your LinkedIn profile.

Always Update Your Information

If you have acquired a new skill or gained some work experience, you need to update that on your profile. It might be days since you have updated your profile, but once you know the importance of it, you will never forget it again. Outdated information does not leave a good first information on the people who go through your profile with the anticipation of hiring you. It might come off as you are inactive which would prevent them from taking it further.Therefore, hire a freelance that offers content writing services and share what you need to update. They will make sure that they come up with the best tag line and description and make it ‘LinkedIn-worthy’.

If Pictures Aren’t Good Enough, You’re Not Close Enough

In LinkedIn, your headshot and background photos are an important factor. The headshot picture is the one that will pop-up on the news feed of other people, also it is the picture that comes up when you interact with someone. It is essential that you use polished photographs since these do leave quite an impression. You should know that you are letting go of opportunities if your background picture is set at default by LinkedIn. Let the background photo speak about your company in terms of the motto, ranking in the industry or location.

Great Content Deserves Great Ranking

There are two important content areas found in LinkedIn profiles, the headline and the summary. These easily catch the attention of the one viewing your profile and you need to make sure it is worth their while. You need to use clear, simple and uncomplicated language. You should state how your offer or proposal is distinguished from the others in the same industry. Make your profile easy to skim-read and a vital thing to remember is that your contact information is up to-date. You should link to your website or social accounts that would allow the viewer to get know you better.

Highlighting Your Skills Will Play In Your Favor

LinkedIn holds a very valuable section called “Skills and Endorsement”, make sure you use this panel to its fullest potential. You should include things like languages you speak, causes that you care about, any volunteer work you may be engaged in, honors and awards that you hold. This ensures new opportunities for you as people viewing your profile might connect with these and get in touch with you. You should also be prompt to remove or replace certain skills that you no longer wish to showcase with other skills that you may have acquired.

Post Optimization Is Recommended

LinkedIn provides three kinds of content that you can create directly on your profile, including posts, videos and articles. The posts visible on your profile will only showcase 1300 characters which roughly amounts to 2-3 lines, after this the option of “see more” available. Make sure you write catchy content that will lead to the viewer to read the whole article. Posting native videos play in your favor as they offer higher opportunities of being seen and be engaged with.

These tips will ensure maximum engagement with your profile and boost performance. You must track your success after implementing these tips to understand which ones yield maximum results so that you can put in more effort in the others.

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