Tips for Creating the Perfect Content Brief for Freelance Article Writers

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You have an SEO expert and content strategist on board and they help decide the kind of content that’s perfect for promoting your brand or growing your online presence. Whether you have in-house writers or hire freelancers, a great content brief is essential to get the most out of your expenses. 

Great content briefs help you minimize revisions, improve the quality of the content you get from article writing services, and help build strong business relationships with freelancers. At Content Freelancing, we get content briefs from our clients. However, some are better than the rest and we decided to share those secrets so that you can get exactly what you’re looking for from our team of writers.  

Tips to Craft Crystal Clear Content Briefs:

1. Specify The Coverage of the Topic

Your content brief should indicate what you want our article writers for hire to cover on a topic. That’s why you should include a pre-defined H1 title instead of a general topic. When you’re specific, the writer knows which direction you want them to move forward. So, you won’t end up with content that’s relevant to your niche but doesn’t align with the existing content cluster on your site. 

For instance, if you have an adventure tourism website for Vietnam and want to create a brief for travel website content writers, don’t choose generic topics ‘travel guide for every adventure tourist’. Instead, choose something concrete and specific with an H1 title like – 

  • Motorbike Adventures Through Lesser-Known Mountain Ranges of Vietnam
  • Kayak Through Paradise and Explore Vietnam’s Breathtaking Coastline
  • Solo Adventure Vietnam: Unforgettable Experiences for the Independent Traveler

2. Include Target Keywords 

If you want your articles to rank on Google, they need to be optimized with the right keywords. While our content writers for hire can do a bit of keyword research themselves, they don’t have the full picture of your website. Make sure to add these keywords to your content brief:

  • Primary keywords– The main topic you want your content to rank on.  
  • Secondary keywords– They support the primary keywords and give more context to the search engines.
  • LSI keywords– Related terms that provide a broader understanding of the topic to search engine crawlers.  

3. Be Detailed with The Technical Requirements

If you want to minimize revisions and get the best content on the first go, add detailed technical requirements to your content brief. This includes everything from the type of links that must be added to the content and the length of the content to deadlines and formatting requirements. 

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