4 Effective Ways to Repurpose Your Old Content

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You are aware that generating new content ideas contributes to the success of your blog. But do you know that improving and updating old content is equally fruitful? Some of your old content will have enormous potential compared to newly-researched blog posts. You have just got to make them shine again to get the best results. If you have spent a lot of time searching for a website content writer to brush up on your old content, you have come to the right place. At Content Freelancing, we will have you covered. Our writers are well-versed in creating content and are equally good when it comes to refreshing old contents to make them more comprehensive.

So, here is how you need to update the old content.

4 effective ways to repurpose old content

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  1. Using new keywords and changing the meta title and description
  2. What worked well a couple of years back may no longer be relevant today when it comes to keywords. So, while refreshing old content, you surely need not have those squibs in your writing that dampen its quality. So, get a content writer for hire from our agency to add zeal to your old content with the insertion of more relevant keywords. Besides, don’t forget to check whether the Meta title and description still sounds catchy. If it is not, then you need to change it as well to improve the click-through rates.

  3. Add AV to old content
  4. Adding images, podcasts, and videos to old content is another way of targeting new audiences. Readers today no longer feel satisfied simply reading those long paragraphs. Instead, they feel more excited to listen to audio or watch videos. Adding AV to old content adds variety to the post. As one of the most proficient website content writing services, we have writers using creative and unique ways of penning content.

  5. Adding new information
  6. The evergreen old content you have in your kitty may no longer be relevant today as the world is in a state of constant change. With new things happening around you, you surely need a professional writer to add insights and new findings to the content. All you need is to cross-check the facts in the article to find the latest information.

  7. Turn your content into a numbered list
  8. Readers love reading posts with titles like “7 effective tips” or “10 great places to explore” and connect with those writings more easily. That is why you need to turn the old content with paragraphs into a more concise format with numbered lists and bite-sized tips and information.

Repurposing old content goes a long way in ensuring that your old and evergreen content stocks for some more time. So, if you are looking forward to expanding your reach and SEO, Content Freelancing is your best bet. As one of the renowned SEO content writing services, we will add value to your original content to make it more purposeful. Visit us at https://contentfreelancing.com/contact/ to submit the form or email kalpana@contentfreelancing.com to send in your requirements.