Difference Between Content Writing and Content Marketing and How Can They Help You?

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The era we live in is the era of content. With rapid digitization happening and smart devices in our hands, we can access every content that is being created on a daily basis. And we consume several types of content daily willingly or unwillingly. So, if there is a prevalent factor that is reaching the mass on a daily basis, why not use it to your help promote your business? As a matter of fact, several companies irrespective of their scales are readily using this factor for the rapid growth of their businesses. In this digital marketing spectrum, content writing and content marketing are two such tools that help you reach the correct customer pool and grow your brand.

However, content writing and content marketing are two different aspects of promoting your brand through content. Their purposes are different. Know how they are different and how bringing them together can help you to enhance digitalizing your business better.

Content Writing

As the name suggests, content writing is the effective way of creating content through various types of write-ups. Every write-up big or small that you come across over the internet falls under content writing. The creation of new, unique and appealing write-ups is what content writing consists of. Though any write-up can fall under content writing, not all content writing is effective and tantalizing for your pool of customers or your targeted audience. The write-ups should be precise, informative and guide your consumers towards your business and its services. Though there are several formats and ways of writing, the most sought content writing service nowadays is SEO content writing. SEO content writing primarily focuses on how to increase your digital presence, be it ensuring greater ROI or traffic increase on your websites. Sales pages, landing pages, blogs, articles, website contents, newsletters that guide and inform you about different things are a few examples of content writing. So, if you are going to run a marathon, content writing is the first step of that marathon.

Content Marketing

Though Content Marketing is to some extend similar to content writing, its goal is to keep the audience engaged and educated about the particular brand that is using it. It is a strategy to engage, attract and retain visitors by create relevant blogs, videos, podcasts and other medias. Along with that, content marketing also focuses on getting new customers and create brand awareness.  You need to understand that content marketing is a long-term process. It is also known as “ever-green content”. It is basically about providing your customers with valuable information regarding your services. And it works through time. A business cannot gain tons of customers within a day, content marketing is that service that draws customers towards your business steadily. Content marketing uses certain aspects to connect with the customer, like childhood nostalgia. Through content marketing, they explore that nostalgia and bring you a product that would connect with that emotion. So, this brings the customer a positive feeling which leaves them wanting more.

Bringing Both Together

When you are looking to promote your brand over the digital world, it is only natural that both of these forces are brought and used together. It becomes a lot easier to do so when you know the difference between them distinctly. So, you set up the base of your content with content writing and push it forwards toward your targeted customers through content marketing. The balance of these, would not only increase your website traffic but would also bring you increased ROI, helping you dominate the digital marketing world.

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