The 3 Major Types of Content Writing and How to Use Them

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When you are trying to create great content to promote your business all over the digital marketing world, you get a wide range of choices. Among these you can choose the best type of content writing that suits your business. Yes, there are several types of contents that you can choose from! This is the era of digitalization, so we see different types of contents on every platform that we visit. And since there are tons of choices to select from, you would also need to understand what type of content writing would suit your business pattern and how the particular set of writings can help your business grow. Read on to find out the different types of content writings and how you can use them in favor of your business.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are by far one of the most popular SEO content writing services in the digital marketing sphere. This is so because blog posts come with a wide range of benefits for businesses. Blog Posts enhance your brand’s viewership with SEO techniques. It focuses on keyword searches, positively placing your brand while providing a great deal of information to your targeted customers about your business. This helps in increasing your website traffic because when a customer searches for a particular keyword related to your business, the search engine redirects them to your landing page immediately. And with more than 5.6 billion searches happening on the most used search engine Google, your website needs this type of content to stay ahead of your competitors.

Social Media Posts

The world is clustered on several social media platforms. These are the place where you find and connect with the mass, to reach your targeted customers as well as turn viewers into new customers. This conversion is achieved through social media posts and advertisements. You would need these posts and ad copies to be short, crisp, alluring as well as informative in nature. Thus, providing the viewers every reason to read these posts. They include your keywords as hashtags through which your customers can immediately find out your posts and interact with them. The more the interaction, the better your brand grows.

Website Content Writing

This type of content writing has often been overlooked by many because of its length. Usually, these are long write-ups that provide information about your pages, like your landing page or the various other linked pages on your website. This write-up is for the customer pool that you already have and the customers who are being directed to your landing page/website. Website content writing is done while keeping in mind the various types of customers that come over to your website, so it stays informative and communicative. It provides your customers with all the details that they could need to interact with your business. They could be from anywhere around the world, so they need to get information about your services and how to contact you if needed. Website contents guide your customers through and through.

Choosing the correct type of content writing is necessary according to the places and audience you are targeting for your business. At Content Freelancing, we provide you with these primary content writing services along with several other types. Scroll through our website and check for yourself for if you have finalised on your requirements, then email at!