Seasonal Content Tips: How to Write Content that Engages and Inspires

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Are you developing your blog strategy? It’s hard to overlook the importance of seasonal content, which is date and time-specific. As the name suggests, the seasonal content is written on a topic related to an upcoming event or season. 

It may not refer to a specific season or it can and may also resonate with the cultural events. For instance, the season of festivals, the season of football, or weddings can be factored in while writing the content. Events can be the one the bigger ones like award shows, a cultural summit, or the upcoming election. Usually, seasonal content is relevant to time and can be naturally related to your business. When you get a content writer for hire from Content Freelancing, you will have all the industries covered with seasonal content. As we have a great experience of writing all kinds of content, meeting benchmarks for you is going to be easier. 

How Does a Content Writer for Hire Plan Seasonal Content for Different Industries?

With seasonal content, you incorporate timeliness and entertainment into the content marketing strategy. So, here is how to create effective seasonal content for brands more reachable to readers:

  • Resonate With The Trends

Usually, seasonal content is based on topics that are time-specific; you need to be aware of the current industry trends. Instead of checking the industry and news websites on an hourly basis, you can pick tools to create trending topics. Some of these resources include Feedly, Ahrefs Content Explorer, Google Trends, social media hashtags, and Twitter lists. The more you are up with the trends easier it is to create a title. Hire an SEO article writing service to create topic-based content that aligns with the season. 

  • Timing is the Key 

Seasonal content is not always relevant but SEO content writing services add zeal to promote seasonal content. So, complete the hiring process early to avoid getting later and missing the range of opportunities. Usually, the season-based promotional content needs to begin a month before the content. The better your timing strategy easier it is to aim for the season. 

  • Adhere to The Date

Don’t forget the dates when writing seasonal content as that is how you will remind the readers about the timeliness of the topic. However, you need to also know how to include the dates in your content as one erroneous date may annoy your readers. Don’t include dates in URLs or you will end up creating countless redirects each year. You can update the seasonal content but keep the URL optimized. 

When creating seasonal content, you can leverage on specialties of the season to provide value to the audience. For instance, you can encourage readers to get ideas for shopping for Christmas with seasonal content and talk about that year’s trend. At Content Freelancing, the renowned article writing service, we will help you incorporate season-based content into the blog strategy. Click here to fill out the form or email to learn more about our packages.