What is the Difference Between an Article and a Blog Post?

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There are so many types of content writings, that at some point, it is rather natural for you to find it confusing. Many writers themselves find it confusing while penning these down. It takes a lot of training to differentiate between all the types of SEO content writing. Among the various types, the most confusing ones are article writing and blog posts writing. Though similar in a few ways, they are distinctly different in other ways. Their aims, for one are different. Though their patterns have changed over a period of time, some distinctions are still there. Read on to know how they are different and how you can use them accordingly.

SEO Keywords

It would be wrong to say that only one of these content writing types includes SEO keywords in them while the other omit them completely. Through the evolution of content writing, both of these have included SEO techniques in them making them customer-oriented. The only difference that comes up between article writing and blog post writing is that articles include the SEO keywords following the content topic, whereas in most cases blog posts are based on the SEO keywords. So, if you are looking for a content writing type that would increase your visibility through SEO keywords, blog writing services could be your choice.

Personal Opinions

While writing blog posts, the writer is given more space to show their personal opinions. Blog posts are directly communicative towards your audience, so the nooks and tricks about how your services can help them, are expressed through the writer’s personal opinion. Blogs do provide information to your consumers, but they have an informal tone because it is also promotional and that helps your customers feel connected to them. Whereas article writing service is informative, because they are aimed towards proving your customers the information they need regarding your services. And there is no personal opinion while informing people about anything. This is also the reason why blog posts are shorter and are addressed to the point, whereas articles are lengthy in nature.


Articles go through a lot of editing, since they provide information about you and your services to your customers. They need to be accurate with zero mistakes. They also need to have the correct keywords through which they can provide the information your customers or potential customers are searching for and can lead them to your website to avail your services. On the other hand, since blog posts are shorter and mostly self-posted, they require less editing. Since, they are keyword-centric, that aspect to edit is eliminated in the beginning. So, the only editing that is left to do is the overall editing of the accuracy of the content.

Writing Styles

Along with these major differences, another related difference is that they both have different styles of writing. The format that they are written in, is completely different. These differences however do not mean that only one of them is useful and the other won’t help your business to grow at all.

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